Balanced self-management and customer experience.

The optimization of commercial and operational processes in BtoB sales viewed from the customer experience.

What would be the perfect customer experience?

How about?: Being able to complete a process of purchase, payment and receipt of what was purchased with the minimum possible friction. From when I "want it" until I "have it" and "consume it."

The buying process touches all the senses of an individual, from the cognitive, the emotional and the sensory. It affects humor and patience.

But when purchases are between companies, an additional pressure factor is added to the individuals responsible for making them, since they are not buying for themselves, but are buying for the one who pays them a salary at the end of the month. The buying process then affects the results.

The logic then tells us that customers will choose to buy from those providers that provide the best result to the complex equation determined by the "total customer experience."

Many companies are on the road to providing the perfect experience, or at least have already become aware that it is something they must address.

The Quewis method is based on the continuous search for new ideas and concepts aimed at optimizing the integral business process of a company through balanced automation and digitization.

Regarding the customer experience, we share some tips of the Quewis method so that you can begin to explore and direct the process of digital and operational transformation

The customer wants to:

  • Have fast and frictionless access to products, to his purchase history, pending orders, claims, information and current account statement.
  • Be able to access at any time and from anywhere and safely.
  • Feel special. Feel that the sales portal is tailor-made for him or her, with products, prices, commercial conditions, discounts, promotions and specific suggestions for him.
  • Feel that its current or future purchase history has value. And that for this value is treated differentially.
  • Receive notifications and alerts in a fair balance.
  • Be able to access clear, concise and easily interpretable information.
  • If in need to complain or make a claim, to be able to do it through a friendly and simple access channel. Ideally, he'll never have to use it, but if so, it should be at his fingertips (or keyboard or screen or smartphone).
  • That errors are minimized and repetitive tasks are reduced.
The interesting thing about this method is that we look at both sides of the coin. We propose that for each of the tips mentioned, think about the effect that this has on your sales team and the time that this frees up so that they can focus on solving complex challenges and be able to go out to attract new prospects and clients.

Shall we talk a little more about the Quewis method?