Digital platforms.

Competition between companies within digital platforms.

Many of us are already familiar with digital platforms. We use them often both as sellers and as buyers. But what exactly are they? How do they work?

Digital platforms are places where you can sell & buy. Mercado Libre, Amazon, e-bay are some of them. It presents the seller with an extremely extensive buyer base, and provides the buyer with a wide variety of sellers. Digital platforms establish (impose) their own rules of the game for the sale and purchase of products or services, with highly homogenized information management principles. We could define it as the "democratization" of trade between sellers and buyers.

In recent years, this format has become a very attractive marketing model for various businesses, and acted as a great facilitator for many companies, both new and established. Sellers and buyers are in a common place, which gives everyone equal visibility, and there is a standardized and simple process that completes transactions.

The ability to differentiate itself, customer retention, upselling, are some of the factors that arise in companies as their sales grow, and it is when these limitations lead companies to explore other options. Each business should analyze its advantages and disadvantages to choose the option that best fits its objectives, its growth and profitability. Do you want to share your experience using these platforms for the expansion of your company?