The profitability of our efforts.

The total profitability is the sum of the profitability of the parties? or can it be greater?

Few companies measure profitability at the level of each area or sector. But the vast majority of us are aware that the total result depends on the result of each of them. And an improvement in the result of each team can be significantly reflected in the total result of the company.

So our objective should be oriented towards facilitating improvement to each of those teams. How can we do it? The same people are the ones who are going to help us achieve it.

If we ask each individual to identify the tasks they perform and that they consider have a positive effect on the profitability of their team and consequently of the company. It can be a direct (monetizable) or indirect (internal service) effect.

Then let each of them identify what is keeping them from doing more of those tasks.

It is very likely that among the reasons there is a common factor: “time”.

So how do we free up time so that people can contribute positively to the overall result, that is, be more effective?

Entering the 21st century this question sounds quite childish, since the obvious answer is: AUTOMATING and DIGITALIZING.

Beyond the obviousness of the answer, the key is to be able to identify where to start and how to identify and prioritize those tasks and resources that could have a greater and more immediate impact on our objective. For that we must go from A to Z, each step involved in our commercial process, from that first interaction with a potential client, to the delivery and collection of the product or service delivered.

For each step, identify who does it and how it is done, and ask yourself what limits us to being able to do more in the same amount of time and resources, or to be able to do more in less time and with fewer resources.

A clear example that we see with our clients is to be able to increase their ability to quote and present personalized proposals to their clients without having to increase the size of their sales team, in less time and with enough intelligence to generate 100% personalized proposals, offers, discounts, payment conditions, etc.

Result: A commercial team focused on tasks that add greater added value to your sales chain, from generating more opportunities to being able to make strategic decisions.

Another example that we usually come across is related to the effort and time required to keep products, their prices and availability updated in real time within their ecommerce portal.

Result: Realistic sales, reduced errors and the need to requote, speeding up the integral process.

We can share with you many other examples where to find areas for improvement to optimize overall performance. Contact us and let’s continue this conversation.