Business rules in online BtoB sales.

So that the race towards BtoB digitization does not make businesses lose their identity or overshadow the efforts that companies have made to differentiate themselves and position themselves in the market, customers and competitors.

As we discussed in our previous post, 2020 was an accelerator of change and a great shock for many companies, especially for those whose sales model was based mainly on the personal relationship between their sales force and their customers.

Visits to the clients turned into calls. Meetings became conferences. And companies and individuals adapted themselves to the new reality.

With the adoption of the digital channel as an alternative and complementary sales channel, it was mandatory to readapt the way of selling and redefine some of the business rules. These redefinitions did not always arise from a plan to improve and optimize the company's business model, but rather as a consequence of having to adapt to a way of selling imposed by digital platforms.

In 2021 we invite you to prioritize the business model of your company and as a consequence adopt the tools that best suit your own identity.

Begin by defining a personalized shopping experience for each customer and potential customer. Your customers must feel that the shopping experience was designed specifically for them. From the products they see, the proposed promotions and offers, the price lists and the personalized messages.

In parallel, reinforce marketing and communication actions in order to attract the right customer at the right time. Customer loyalty becomes another important aspect, such as being able to anticipate needs based on the purchase pattern of your customers to be able to offer products in a specific way and at the right time.

For BA Minds, each client is unique, with their own business model and their own competitive strategy. That is why we developed Quewis, so that companies can grow their businesses through digital channels without losing identity, without having to compete on price, and under their own business rules.

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