So that opportunities don't get lost down the way.

Considering the effort and resources it takes to get those leads and prospects!

If we want to get more clients we must increase our marketing actions to generate leads. Correct?

Yeah that's right. And as we identify those actions that are successful and optimize our campaigns and increase investment, we can capture even more prospects.

But do not forget something very important. What happens within our company once all these new prospects start arriving?

We have to transform them from prospects to clients! (conversion rate)

For this we must be able to manage in a timely manner all the prospects and requests for quotes since, if we do not provide a response within a reasonable time, it is likely that that prospects will buy from someone else.

In the case of having been able to respond to all the requests and inquiries received, giving them adequate follow-up determines if we run into a possible vanishing point.

So if we want to increase our sales without having to increase the cost of customer acquisition (CAC), we must focus on making that conversion rate as efficient as possible.

Let's keep alking about optimization and digitization of business processes to prevent opportunities from getting lost down the way.